Digital Trends in 2014: Survey Results Infographic // Ektron
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  • Digital Trends in 2014: Survey Results Infographic

    Over the past couple of years, Digital Marketing has undergone major changes. The customer is empowered like never before. The ability to create a personalized experience has emerged as the key driver in keeping the customer engaged and motivated to convert. With the explosion of channels and the emergence of Content Marketing as a core discipline, many marketing departments are scrambling to keep up.

    Ektron undertook an extensive research project to better understand the shifts and trends in Digital Marketing and Marketing Technology for 2014. We asked Marketers, IT professionals, developers, and content authors in companies across various industries their insights on digital strategies and trends. 400 website and digital agency professionals gave their opinions. Click the image to enlarge, zoom in and out, and learn where they thought digital marketing is headed in 2014 and beyond. 


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  • Megan Menesale
    By Megan Menesale
    Twitter: @mmenesale
    Thursday, June 19, 2014
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